Getting Married

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The wedding ceremony is the moment of promise when you take your vows and make commitments in front of those you love.

Contact me and we will spend some time discussing your dreams and hopes for your special ceremony. I perform marriage ceremonies for all couples declaring their desire to get married without restrictions or limitations. I make the words come alive and will deliver your ceremony with warmth and keep your guests interested.

I represent you both as a couple and see that your experience is smooth and stress-free. Together we will capture the love the two of you share.

What Next?

  • Contact me for an initial meeting at no charge (usually 20 minutes). We can meet at my home or Skype each other to talk over your thoughts, time frames and to ask any questions you like.
  • You decide if it feels right that I'm the celebrant for you.
  • You confirmed a date.
  • The second meeting usually takes about 1 - 2 hours. We draft and create your personal ceremony going over ideas and details such as format, readings and music. I send you a word for word draft of the service, for you to revise, amend and give feedback on until it is perfect for you both (may take a few meetings). You will need two witnesses and to apply for the marriage licence within 3 months of the event.
  • Within a week of the wedding we have a rehearsal at the venue with the wedding party (or as many as possible). You bring your marriage licence and music.
  • Cost ranges from $350 to $500. A deposit is required to hold the date of $100.Final payment is due three days before the wedding via internet banking.
  • If a microphone is needed this is an added cost.

My Role:

  • Compose a service using the information and guidance from the couple.
  • Prepare and conduct the service meet your expectations.
  • Ensure my personal appearance is in keeping with the occasion.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the service and check everything is ready for you.
  • Maintain a high standard professional conduct and practice.
  • Act in an ethical manner at all times.
  • After the ceremony I will check everything has been filled out correctly and mailed to BDM.
  • You will be left with a copy of the marriage licence to be entrusted to a "responsible adult".
  • Welcome feedback.
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Your Role:

  • Obtain a marriage licence through the department of internal affairs prior to the wedding. This is valid for 3 months.
  • Engage an officially appointed celebrant (that is were I come in).
  • Turn up on time, on the right day and at the right place!

Registry Weddings

Registry style Weddings available Monday - Friday 9 - 5 pm at my home on a farm surrounded by gardens. These weddings are different from a venue or church wedding. They are very scripted and no variation can be made, allow 30 minutes, from arrival on site, ceremony, signing of legal documentation.

Here’s an explanation and what you need to do.

  • Book in a time and date.
  • Get a marriage license and email it to me.
  • Arrive at the appointed time, with two adult witnesses.
  • Bring rings if you are having them.
  • Choose one of two scripted ceremonies to use.
  • Supply your full names.
  • Get married
  • Pay me $90.00 on the day or direct credit two days before
  • Go back to the city to celebrate.
  • You keep a copy of the license, I send the other copy back to BDM.
  • Congratulations you are now legally married ready to live happily ever after.


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